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How to Use This Website

Help and Tips for finding information on the Kingston Joint Formulary Website

The Kingston Joint Formulary Website can be used to find prescribing information such as:

  • Can I prescribe a particular drug in the Kingston area?
  • Can I prescribe this drug in primary care or should a specialist be prescribing this drug?
  • Is there a local or area-wide guideline that should be consulted before prescribing a particular drug? Is there a factsheet that might help me prescribe a drug?
  • Is there shared care guidance in place allowing transfer of care from primary to secondary care?
  • Is there a NICE Technical Appraisal (TA) for a particular treatment?
  • Is there a patient group direction (PGD) which allows the supply of a particular medicine without a prescription by a trained healthcare professional in specific approved settings?
  • Are there any MHRA safety alerts for a particular medicine?

How do I find information on this website?

  • The main areas on this website, including the Formulary and Guidelines, can be accessed in the blue column on the left hand side.
  • The Formulary and Guidelines sections are ordered in the same way as the BNF. Within each table, drugs are generally listed alphabetically, with drug groups together.
  • You can also use the search box in the top left corner.

Search box Tips:

  • Search function searches for any words typed in the search box only – it does not search for related topics.
  • If searching for a drug name please be aware that it may appear on this site as generic or brand only, try searching by generic in the first instance.
  • It will search for any drug, condition, or any word that is on the webpages.  Note: It does NOT search for words within documents/PDFs uploaded, e.g. within guidelines.
  • Ensure you spell your search term correctly! Spelling errors will not be corrected and could mean no results appear in error.

How to find prescribing information in the Formulary section

  • Use the BNF subsection links or the search box in the top left of the page to find the relevant drug/product/guideline.
  • If a drug is approved for use within Kingston it will be listed in the Joint formulary. Non-formulary drugs are NOT listed.
  • Check the traffic light status of the drug – is it hospital/specialist only (red), specialist initiation (amber) or can be initiated in primary care (green)? For more detailed definitions of the traffic lights guide, click here to get to the Formulary section homepage.
  • Prescribing guidelines, Factsheets, and Shared care guidelines for each section can be accessed through links on each formulary webpage or through the Guidelines section. Click this to open the document. The link will either be at the top page of the page (for drug group/conditions) or underneath the drug (for single drug guidelines).
  • Restrictions to prescribing particular drugs will be stated underneath the drug or in the right hand column, e.g. where prescribing is restricted to a particular Consultant or speciality
  • Links to MHRA safety alerts are listed below the formulary drugs list. Click the link to open the safety alert webpage.
  • Links to NICE Technical Appraisals (TAs) are listed at the bottom of the webpage. Click the link to open the relevant page on the NICE website.

How to use the Guidelines, Shared Care and Patient Group Directions (PGDs) section:

  • For Guidelines or Shared Care section, click on the link on the front page or use the BNF subsection links to narrow the list to the BNF disease area. Alternatively, use the search box in the top left of the page to find the relevant guideline. Remember if you use the search box it will only find the guideline if the word is in the title on the webpage, it will not find any words within the document.
  • Click on the link to open the guideline or PGD.
  • Guideline and Shared Care guideline links are also available in the relevant drug Formulary section.


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