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Prescribing Changes

SW London Clinical Commissioning Groups (Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth) do not support the routine NHS prescribing of certain medicines.  These medicines are items that are:

  • Of low clinical effectiveness i.e. where there is a lack of robust evidence of clinical effectiveness or have significant safety concerns
  • No longer licensed in the UK
  • Are clinically effective but are not cost effective for the NHS
  • Are clinically effective but there are more cost effective products available
  • Are available over-the-counter and inexpensive to purchase 

For a current list of Approved Position Statements for use in Kingston click here.

Please note that the position statements are subject to approval by the individual Clinical Commissioning Groups - see footers of the individual position statements for full information.

Prescribing Position Statements

List of Drugs including examples of brands and any other relevant information.

Please note this list is not exhaustive.




Antifungal nail paint

Amorolfine 5% nail lacquer (Loceryl®, Curanail®, Omicur®), Tioconazole 28% cutaneous solution (Trosyl®), Salicylic acid, tannic acid and boric acid paint (Phytex®)

Antihistamines and nasal sprays


Cannabis sativa extract 


Complementary therapies

Herbal supplements, homeopathic preparations, aromatherapy, flower essence etc



Dental products

Duraphat®, Corsody®l, mouth ulcer healing preparations


Prothiaden® 25mg capsules, Prothiaden® 75mg tablets ,all generic dosulepin preparations

Doxazosin MR

Cardura®XL, all branded/ generic modified release preparations 

Freestyle Libre®  

Patient FAQs
Fentanyl immediate release preparations

Immediate release fentanyl formulations include sublingual tablets (Abstral®), buccal film (Breakyl®), buccal tablets, lozenges (Actiq®) and nasal spray (Instanyl®)


all glucosamine preparations


Germoloids®, Anusol® (cream, suppositories, ointment), Anusol HC®, Anusol Plus HC®, Preparation H®.

Infant colic drops

Colief®, Infacol® and Dentinox Colic Drops

Lidocaine 5% medicated plasters

Versatis®, Ralvo®


Aknemin© 50 & 100, Acnamino® MR 100mg Capsules, Minocin® MR 100mg Modified Release Capsules, Minocycline 100 mg & 50mg Tablets

Ocular supplements

Icaps®, Viteyes Original®, Viteyes Original Formula Plus Lutein®, Occuvite Complete capsules®, Preservision Original® and Preservision Lutein capsules®

Oxycodone and naloxone combination product prolonged release tablets Targinact®


Tramacet®, all branded/ generic preparations 

Perindopril arginine

Coversyl® Arginine


Under review

Self-limiting coughs, colds and nasal congestion

GSL products including aromatic inhalations, vapour rubs, cough suppressants/ expectorants, demulcents, lozenges, systemic nasal decongestants

Tadalafil  once daily

Cialis® once-a-day

Topical rubefacients Algesal® cream, Balmosa® cream, Deep Freeze® cold gel 2%, Movelat® cream, Movelat® gel, Ralgex Heat spray®,Transvasin Heat Rub®

Travel vaccines



Refer to 'Trimipramine Withdrawal Guidance' for further information 

Vitamin D


Vitamins and minerals



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