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Welcome to the Kingston Formulary website

The Kingston Formulary is being superseded by the SWL Joint medicines formulary. Please visit www.swljointmedicinesformulary.nhs.uk for formulary information on:

Chapter 1: Gastro-intestinal system
Chapter 3: Respiratory system
Chapter 4: CNS
Chapter 5: Infections
Chapter 6: Endocrine
Chapter 7: Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and urinary-tract disorders
Chapter 9: Nutrition & Blood
Chapter 10: Musculoskeletal system
Chapter 12: Ear, nose and oropharynx
Chapter 13: Skin


The Kingston Formulary website has been developed to support effective prescribing within Kingston. It is a quick reference resource of key prescribing information for all prescribers, to ensure evidence-based, cost-effective prescribing and formulary adherence, and to ensure prescribing is in line with recommendations from local, area-wide and national guidance.

It contains a list of drugs that are recommended for use within Kingston primary and secondary care as well as additional resources to help aid effective prescribing:

Generic Prescribing

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Drug and Therapeutics Group (DTG) and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Medicines Committee support generic prescribing as an important aspect of good prescribing. The exception to this general rule is medicines which should be prescribed by their brand name due to potential differences in bioavailability, therapeutic window or potency or simply to ensure continuity of medicines.

South West London Interface Prescribing Policy

This policy outlines the contractual requirements for licensed providers of NHS services in Kingston and aims to facilitate consistent prescribing policies across South West London. This policy has been developed by the South West London (SWL) Medicines Commissioning Group and has been agreed by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Kingston CCG.

The Interface Prescribing policy states the requirements relating to medicines and prescribing to which all NHS service providers in Kingston should adhere. The full policy contains more detailed statements on medicines supply and use including:

  • Admissions and medicines reconciliation requirements
  • Discharge arrangements for medicines, including the minimum supply of medicines a patient should have when discharged from hospital
  • Outpatient prescribing
  • Unlicensed medicines use
  • Hospital only and specialist drug prescribing policy, including Shared care agreements.

To read this policy in full, click here South West London Interface Prescribing Policy.

To report issues with prescribing requests from Kingston Hospital, use Kingston Interface Prescribing Issues - Report Form for GPs.

South West London High-cost drugs and individual funding requests (IFR) policies:

See the South West London Medicines Commissioning Group website (click here) and links below for the following:

  • Hospital only drugs list, click here. These are coloured Red in the formulary if they have been approved for use in Kingston.
  • Payment by Results (PbR) excluded high-cost drugs list, click here.
  • Individual Funding Requests (IFR) are managed by South East London CSU. For contact information, click here.

Disclaimers and terms of use for this website

The advice provided in the joint formulary is not comprehensive and it is the prescriber’s responsibility to also consult other appropriate sources where necessary, such as the BNF and Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs) for individual drugs, in conjunction with the information on this website particularly if more detailed or specialist information is required.

Please see the Further Information section for more detail regarding the website terms and conditions.


The Joint Formulary content team aim to make this website as user-friendly, accurate and up to date as possible, and appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have to improve the user experience.

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the joint formulary content or the website, please email kingston.formulary@kingstonccg.nhs.uk.

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